Kinship Workshop

Kinship is an exploration into how we meet ‘other’ in non human-centric landscapes. Through a series of physical practices and exercises that take place both in the studio and outdoors, we attune more deeply to nature and the landscape, where we may share space with wild and/or free roaming animals outside of more controlled environments.

Kinship is for all those with physical or experiential practices interested and curious about movement, body in landscape, non human-centric environments embodies activism and shared experiences.

My background includes various movement practices and somatic trainings, as well as facilitation and holding space in a variety of community and group environments. The Kinship Workshop draws from my experience of spending time with other animals both in sanctuaries and during wild encounters. In 2014, I completed an internship at The Kerulos Center studying trans-species psychology and self-determination, from which I started to develop the material included in the Kinship Workshop.

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